Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Valentines: A Retrospective

So clearly this blog has just become a place to put our annual holiday letter, but I was inspired by a Facebook Memory (said no one ever, but now me). Apparently, nine years ago today I had a lot of free time on my hands and I uploaded a bunch of old pictures of Cale and I together into an album, "Valentines: A Retrospective." I thought I would expand on it and post it here.

I present to you, Cale and Sara through the years.














Our first joint selfie:




The most recent picture of us together is not super flattering to either of us.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

2018 Year in Review

It's that time of year again. A time to look back and reflect on all that happened in the lives of the Reevesi (since Sara fails to blog anymore).

The theme of this year is "A Man and His Cat."

A Man and His Cat

And "A Woman and Her Alarm."

Must be time to get up.

And the summer of the inflatable backyard pool.

It’s a pool party. #fakecreekend

First, we rang in the New Year in style.

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And then Sara made a New Year's resolution that only lasted a week (I had a beer and cheese day after the new boss fired a third of the team on one day).

United Way hosted their annual MLK Day of Service

Sara marched.

Women's March in Austin

This was a big month for Cale.

And this happened.

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The weather was right in March.

And Jodi was back in America.

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But Ilse left us for Mexico City.

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Some asshole terrorized Austin with bombs, but because he was white, we didn't call it terrorism.

We were reminded that we are old.

And we kept family traditions alive.

Making Casciatelli

It was time! Time for our favorite festival.

Honk 2018

Cale and Sara competed against each other in Ruthless Good.

The family Chosillo came to visit us in Austin.

Graffiti Park

There was excitement while they were here. The continuation of the snakes in our house saga.

It was creekend in April.

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Sara's parents were in town for a visit.

LBJ Wildflower Garden

It was our 15th wedding anniversary, and we had a disappointing dinner.

It was Sara's birthday and when the summer of the backyard pool party began.

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Cale was crushing at the PhD thing.

Sara was promoted to Director of Mission Advancement Operations at United Way for Greater Austin (as I type this in December, I am still trying to figure out what exactly my job is and what I got myself into!).

It was hot in July.

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But we had beach time with Annette.

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And the pool was still a thing.

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One of our favorite summer activities was back, movies on the lawn.

We continued the Sunday Brunch and Board Games tradition.

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This was a busy month.

Sara still loved her job at United Way. It's a good group of people.

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And it was our favorite food festival. The Quesoff!

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We celebrated School House Pub's five year anniversary. It might not be in our neighborhood, but it is our neighborhood bar.

And Sara gave her heart to Beto.

But, most importantly, Cale had a great birthday.

Cale's 38th Birthday

Still celebrating Beto.

And re-celebrated Cale's birthday.

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Cale published his fourth paper, "Strike while the rebate is hot: Savvy consumers and strategic technology adoption timing" in Energy Policy.

Sara's co-worker went on maternity leave...and that meant she was tasked with speaking at a press conference at City Hall.

We got to see family in Indiana.

And Sara's job hosted a mayoral debate.

But the biggest deal was our vaction to Santa Fe and Bandelier National Monument.

October 2018

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Cale was in Santa Fe for other reasons. Conferences! In the past year, Cale led three teams of Masters-student capstone projects. One was presented at the Computational Social Science Conference in Santa Fe and nominated as a Finalist for Best Paper.

Thanks to more than a month of rain, while we were in Santa Fe, Austin was under a boil order for more than a week.

In November, we voted. And Beto still lost. And that was bullshit.

Cale presented a large piece of his dissertation research at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Conference in D.C. And he got to visit with our friends in Richmond and present a guest lecture at VCU.

While Cale was at his conference, Sara worked a 14-hour day and then somehow managed to open her own car door into her face.

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And ended up with five stitches.

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There was also a death in the family. Sara's Grandpa Carusillo died.

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Thanksgiving was all about time with friends and family. It was great to have Annette in town.

Thanksgiving 2018

Hmm...Looks like December has been pretty uneventful. Well, except that Cale was awarded a, as he calls it, slightly prestigous dissertation writing award.

Stay tuned for a Very Carusillo Christmas.