Monday, October 29, 2007

New Names

I think I mentioned in passing that we were all given new Sāmoan names. I figured I would give you the run down. Most of them are pretty straight forward, but some of them are a little strange.

Sara: Sela, say-lah
(The Sāmoan alphabet contains all the letters to spell my name, but the “R” is an adopted letter that wasn’t in the original alphabet. Also, this is the name they use for Sarah in the Bible.)

Cale: Tēvita, tāy-vee-tah
(Since Cale is David on all the official paperwork that is the name they were working with when they picked his Sāmoan name.)

Gal: Kale, kal-lay

Rosie: Rosalina, rose-ah-leenah

Lissa: Lisa, lee-sah

Hanna: ‘Ane, ah-nay

John: Ione, ee-oh-nay

Michael: Mikaele, mee-kah-el-lay

Matt: Mataio, mah-tie-oh

Ryan: Lene, lay-nay
(That is one of the weird ones that doesn’t really make sense when compared to his palangi nam)

Aaron: ‘Alo, ah-low

Erik: ‘Eli, el-lee

Max: Masi, mah-see
(Which happens to be Sāmoan for biscuit, so we all find it hilarious)

— Sara


annette said...

i sent a copy of all of my emails to cale and one to sara that i think she did not get to all three of your emails, one is saras and two are cales. hope you get them! let me know. got flicker working better, maybe you can leave me a comment on the picture of you and max! might get it better than email!
WILL try to call you, let me know a good time this weekend for me to try. maybe i will get lucky and it won't be busy!
looks like you are having a great adventure...keep the pictures and writings coming, love them

take care andi love you both

Barb Carusillo said...

Okay, I guess I still am not doing this right. I didn't pick up on there was a place to put a comment after each installation on your blog, so I finally left a comment, but it is clear down at the botton of the scroll down bar. So, here is another one. Thanks for the call the other night. It was great hearing both of your voices. And I will echo Annette, we appreciate all the pictures and written word!