Monday, October 29, 2007

Water Safety

Our class on water safety had us loading up in the Peace Corps van (oh, a van we have come to know and love so well) and heading out to Aggie Gray’s resort where we met up with this guy who runs trips and cruises on his catamaran sailboat off the dock. He was either German or Swiss, I cannot remember, and in my mind looks like an all-grown-up version the kid from that Brooke Shield’s movie set in a lagoon or something.

Anyway, he gave us an hour-long presentation on things to be on the look out for when in the waters of Sāmoa and some strategies to use if we ever found ourselves in trouble. He talked about rip currents, reef safety and all sorts of animals in the waters.

When we he was done, we all loaded on to his boat and headed out to the reef where we were going to snorkel for about half an hour. I got in the water and realized immediately that I wasn’t a strong enough swimmer to make it from where the boat was anchored to the area of the reef that they were snorkeling in much less swim around there and then make it back. So I hung out around the boat and swam around a little and looked around with the snorkel and mask. I wasn’t alone. Rosie cannot swim at all, so she stuck around the boat. So did Lissa, our medical officer Teuila, our safety and security officer Fono and one of the current Peace Corps volunteers. I am horrible and forgot her name, but she volunteers in the marine science field and works for a marine NGO called Meti.

I will see if I can get Cale to put up a description of what he saw out at the reef.

Then it was back on the boat, back to shore, back in the van and back to Apia Central. We were late getting back to the hotel, so the originally scheduled language tutorials were cancelled for that night.

Obviously, I am behind on posting, I have a couple more written and some more to write, I will post them as soon as I can, but this is all I have time for today.

— Sara

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