Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oh, aren’t we adorable?

So, rumor has it that Sāmoan couples will frequently dress in matching outfits. I have yet to see any locals do this, but host families sure do like to dress up their married Pisikoa in matching outfits.

Cale and I now have three matching outfits that our host mom made for us. Speaking of sewing clothes, our host mom is just amazing. She sewed outfits for us three times in the week we were there and all of those times she either did it that morning before breakfast or just the night before. She really is talented.

Apparently there is a contest between the families and status is associated with who can best dress their Pisikoa. It is like we are life-sized dolls. Even when our host mom hasn’t sewn something for us to wear, she would give us some of the families clothes to wear to class — and made us keep those clothes. That makes me feel a little guilty, but we will try to reciprocate with gifts back. Thanks to this practice, Cale is now the proud owner of an orange Snoop Dogg sports jersey and I have my very own, surprisingly slinky, crushed velvet maroon skirt. I can feel your jealousy all the way around the world.

— Sara

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annette said...

yes you are!!! how nice that you have such a thoughtful host mother. i would like to write her a letter of appeciation only if you think it is appropriate. love ya