Tuesday, December 18, 2007

and firedancers

So some times when you are just about overwhelmed with things, you look out your window and there are a bunch of pre-teen kids on the other side of the street Fire-dancing. And it is Freaking-A Awesome. So you wander over there and watch 'em. And a kid Dips a twin-tipped torch in a bucket of kerosene, lights one and and then USES HIS HAND to move the fire from one end to the other. And then he spins the stick at like ninety bajillion miles per hour all around and under his legs, and behind his back and all OVER the place. And it makes The Coolest Sound. The Coolest Sound. It sounds like a rhythmic pulsating whoosh, laid over a base of struggling fiery crackle. And all the kids in the area between about 12 and 16 take a turn (pun alert) and there is just 20 minutes of twirling fire dance.

And when its over, its pretty tricky to remember what you were all flustered about.

- Cale

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Barb Carusillo said...

Are you learning how to do it so you can demonstrate it in the neighborhood back here? Maybe teach the rest of us? Righto