Tuesday, December 11, 2007

J, povi

I try not to mention the names of our host family in these entries, but I think this is safe since his name is an initial.

Our oldest host sister has two kids. J is about a year and a half old. He, apparently, is afraid of cows. In Sāmoan, the word for cow is povi (poh-vee). Whenever he is being bad or not paying attention to instructions you will hear someone say, “J, povi,” in attempts to scare him with this imaginary cow. I have yet to see this tactic actually scare him or work in any other way, but it certainly is hilarious.

On a related note, I also thought for a while that his name was something like Jesau (jay-sah-ow), because I heard people call him that so often. However, my language training has since taught me that they were just saying, “J, sau,” which means, “J, come.”

— Sara

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