Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lapisi Part II

New developments on the trash front.

Fact 1: Cale and I had been collecting our trash in a plastic shopping bag. Once it was full I gave it to a family member to dispose of. Two days later, the plastic bottles that were in the trash (empty shampoo bottle and empty hairspray bottle) had made their way to littering the yard. They rest of the trash had vanished.

Fact 2: I witnessed a neighbor girl come to our fale. Though I could not tell what she was saying, I could tell she was asking a favor. I could tell that our sister gave her a positive response. The neighbor girl then went behind the fale, fished around in the weeds and came up with an empty plastic bottle and took it with her.

Fact 3: Several days after the hairspray bottle ended up in the yard, I saw one of my little sisters surrounded by three other village girls. They were obviously checking out something my sister was holding. As I drew closer, I discovered it was the hairspray bottle. Apparently, when filled with water, it has become quite the coveted spray gun that other village children play with as well.

Conclusion: The empty plastic bottles littering the yard are not trash. This is actually some sort of storage method. They are being saved for either uses unknown to me or for use as toys at a later date.

I will report back when I gather further knowledge.

— Sara

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