Saturday, January 5, 2008

A few minor incisions

Okay, I lied. There weren’t any actual incisions. We didn’t use a knife, just a sterilized needle.

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself. This is the story of my new butt boil and the minor surgery Cale and I performed on it all by ourselves.

Where to start? So the boil and had been doing it’s thing for three or four days and had finally reached the oozing stage. I may have mentioned the oozing stage in my last blog post about butt boils?

So anyway, this one was particularly fun because it had formed right next to the scar of one of my first boils and apparently there was still a void under that scar because with this new boil that void had filled with puss.

I am sorry; you weren’t eating or anything when you sat down to read this blog entry were you? Maybe you want to put the sandwich down. This is not for queasy stomachs.

Where was I? Oh yes, so I have a boil and a void that are painful and swollen with puss. I applied pressure in the morning and evening to empty those puppies out, but they would fill back up again over time. Thursday I was having a particularly successful emptying, but I could see this whitish-green spot inside the boil and I just knew that spot was something and that I needed to take care of it. I had Cale sterilize a needle on the stove for me and then I poked at it a little.

In case you need a mental image, in order to do this surgery I am sort of all twisted up like a contortionist (speaking of contortionists, I will have an entry and pictures from the Sāmoan circus soon) and Cale has a headlamp on that he is directing at the boil while he holds a mirror so I can get a good look at my own butt cheek.

All right, so here I am, upside down, poking a boil in my butt with a needle. At first it doesn’t look like this is going to be a successful poking, when I get a bit of the spot caught on the needle and as I pull away a solid mass of puss comes with it. Cale likes to describe it as frozen-pea-esque. And it was a relatively large, solid piece of green puss that just sort of popped out of what is now a new void in my backside. Cale then packed this new hole with gauze in what we hoped was the same way the medical officer had when she had done the knife poking on my earlier boils.

I immediately sent the medical officer a text message to let her know what is up.

“sorry 2 bother on your holiday. pulled large solid mass of puss out of new butt boil. left a hole. cale packed with guaze. wanted 2 let you know. sara 79”

Literally five seconds after I hit the send button on the text message, the phone rings. It is the medical officer.

“Hi Sara. What have you been doing?”

I give her the run down. She tells me she will be in the Peace Corps office until noon; can I come in so she can take a look? I jump in a cab. She looks at our handy work and says that Cale did a very good job of packing it. She takes a swab to find out just want I am growing in my boils, gives me a new 14-day prescription for antibiotics and tells me not to go visit the training village (as I had planned to do soon) until I was entirely healed.

And that is the exciting and fun-filled story of my latest butt boil. Thanks for reading. You can now go back to your sandwich, I promise not to describe anything with puss in it for a while.

— Sara


Teresa said...

This is extremely descriptive. Are you the same Sara that cringed everytime we spoke about anything other than the weather at the dinner table? I guess gaping wounds in your nether regions will do that to ya!

Aaron Prust said...

wow, that was an extremely disgusting little work. Nice work!

whatever said...

When that pea-thingie came out that boil is history, baby. There is a Samoan word for it but I forgot. Boils are very contagious, never use someone else stuff, and if you touch any areas of your body while working on a boil, you can rest asssure that area will get a boil.