Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lōia II

“The word I am looking for is like encumbrance…but that isn’t quite it.”
“Is that even a word?”
“You know to be encumbered, when you are laden down with heavy, awkward things.”
“So your soul is encumbered?”
“No. You know like when you just ate a lot of bacon and sausage and eggs in the morning?”
“Covered with ants?”
“No. It also means the feeling you get in your stomach after you have eaten a lot of greasy, fatty foods.”
“O lo’u mafaufau o lōia.”
“You’re brain is lōia?”
“O lo’u fata o lōia. My heart is lōia.”


“You know it says a lot that Samoan’s have a word for the feeling you get when you eat a lot of greasy, fatty foods.”
“I know. I said that in my lōia blog entry. It says a lot that they have one word to describe covered with ants. And a word to describe the feeling of eating a lot of greasy, fatty foods.”
“And it means lawyer too.”
“Well, now that we have just re-enacted my entire blog entry.”
“Oh? I don’t read your blog.”

So I hit him with my ili (fan).

— Sara


Teresa said...

So was your heart feeling encumbered or like you had eaten a lot of fatty greasy food? Either way, I hope you feel better! Love you!!

whatever said...

Lucky you hit him with the ili(fan) and not the ili(saw). You are absolutely funny!!! As I said before wish I had known about your blog before. But I'm determined to read all of them