Thursday, January 3, 2008

Old and Crotchety

New Years DInner

So there were plans a foot for a Peace Corps New Years. Other volunteers were going to a beach on the southside of the island for two nights to ring in the New Year.

Cale and I were too old and crotchety for all that fun. "It sounds like such a hassle to get there," we thought. "It is too expensive for two people," we said. So we texteded a decline to the invite.

Later we started to regret this decision. "Are we boring and not fun?" we wondered. Of course at this point it wouldn't work out anyway. I was sitting on a hot water bottle all the time with a new boil (Moms: Don't freak out, it is fine. I am on antibiotics).

Instead we decided to have a chill Mexican night. We made tortillas and Cale made refried beans and guacamole from scratch. We also made some chips to eat with salsa.

I stuffed my face and we watched a year in review slideshow of all our pictures on iPhoto. Could we be more cute? Or old and boring? I think not.

- Sara


Barb Carusillo said...

Okay, I won't freak out about the boil. I will only freak out because you are wasting away to skin and bone. (Actually, I won't freak out about that either, maybe I need to be on the Samoan diet. I haven't seen 113 pounds on my scale since 1980.)

annette said...

milton and i went to bed at 10:30,how is that for old?!?!