Saturday, January 19, 2008

Packing Advice for the Peace Corps Pt. I

Are you packing for the peace corps? I was and when I did I looked at as many of these lists as I could find. Now that I have been here for a whopping 3 months, I feel like there are a few things I had brought with, but didn't think about.

So here is my packing list - with notations.

1 pair chaco - Great for riding the bike, though I suppose any really strappy sandal would do.

1 pair sneakers - for playing rugby or whatever; Completely useless. If you go for a run in the morning, bring running shoes, otherwise don't bring sneakers.

1 pack of socks - Useless without shoes (see above)

2 belts - No leather they all tell you - but no rivets or grommets or excessive metal either. Rust sucks. Good old fashioned web belts seem to work. I bought two locally, after my others rusted and stained a bunch of my clothes. Conveniently, mostly the white ones.

5 pairs shorts - Ok. Shorts are good. Board shorts are great. Aim for thin and polyester, cause they dry super fast, and they don't get dirty too easily. For bonus points, do your laundry by hand in a bucket for a while and see what you prefer. Cotton Sucks.

2 long sleeves - I get cold easy. I moved here from Florida. While I'm at it, I may as well mention the hooded sweatshirt, and the two pairs of long pants. Its Summer here and I have worn all but the sweatshirt already. I do not regret bringing my warm clothes in the least.

7 tshirts - If you have (and who doesn't) a collection of lovely tshirts that are psuedo-nice, bring a couple. If you have (and who doesn't) a bunch of tshirts that are ok - comfy, but not exactly nice, bring a couple. If you have (and who doesn't) a few tshirts that are raggedy as all hell, but super comfy and could in fact be called your favorites, bring 'em all.

4 button up shirts - These are available locally, but the fit is larger than I am accustomed to. The ones I brought are my favorite work shirts, but I have found a few (and made one) that I like well enough.

2 ties - I like ties. A lot. There is no explaining this one.

Aw crap. I am bored with clothes. Bring 'em or don't - what do I care.

But here i some stuff you should definitely consider:

You get a bike when you swear in. You'll wish you had a rear bike rack, and probably a set of panniers (saddle bags). Also a rear view mirror. Also possibly one of those little bags that mounts under the seat. Probably also lights for the front and back, and rechargeable batteries and a charger for them. Maybe a bike computer (odometer thingy) if you like to watch numbers change while you do stuff. GET A BIKE TOOL.

If you are a computer person, bring a portable hard drive. They cost a lot here. Also bring thumb drives. Just a couple - you'll find a use for them.

While we are on the subject of electronics - don't worry about adapters for stuff that doesn't need a converter. If you look at the power brick part of a lot of your electronics, they accept 110-240 volts and 50-60 cycle input. That means you don't need a converter. When you get here, just take a pair of pliers and twist the conductors on the plug from this shape (I I) to this one (/ \). Won't work on polarized plugs though... but those don't seem to come along so often.

blah - I'm bored and done. Hope this helps!

Thanks for tuning in!


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Barb Carusillo said...

Okay Cale, if I ever come to Samoa, I will bring a few ties. And definitely centipede repellent if there is such an entity!