Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The difficulty of buying err... shoes.

So. A friend and I went to make a umm... shoe-run. We wanted a specific type of shoe. You  see,  they make two types of shoe here - regular,  and export. We had only ever seen the regular shoe, and we wanted to try on the export shoe, just to see how it fit. The regular shoe has only 4.9% umm... sole. The export shoe however, is a whopping 6.9% sole, making for err... more pleasant walking...  with ummm.... less effort and stuff. So- filled with curiosity, we went straight to the source. We called at the shoe factory. They make both types of shoes there, so it seemed an ideal starting point. Also, I had some old shoes that had already worn out, which we took back to be recycled. Once at the shoe factory, we asked "Do you sell the export shoe?"
Hearts giddy with anticipation, we received our answer.
But - there was a catch - we had to buy a whole case of shoes. That's 24. That's a lot feet for just the two of us. But at a wonderful price. We  decided to do it.
24 is more shoe than we came prepared to carry. We headed back to the home base in order to better plan our shoe run. While regrouping for the second attempt at shoe acquisition, the thought was put to us: "at that wonderful price, are you sure you aren't buying single shoes?"
They sell umm... shoe two ways here. By the umm.. pair, which is more foot-comfort per dollar, and also singly, for which you get half the foot-joy, and more packaging, and its especially inconvenient if there are two of you planning to umm... share the shoe.
Plus, at for the price, single shoes aren't nearly as impressive.
But so interested were we in trying this export shoe that we ignored our apprehensions.
When we returned to the shoe factory, we were delivered a crate of brand new, single, regular shoes.
"What about the export shoe?" we asked.
"The what?"
We had to go back and talk to the shoe seller lady.
"We thought we bought export shoe..."
"The export? We sell that in Pago pago."
"Do you sell it here?"
"We sell it in Pago pago....."
In our best not getting irritated but still irritated and hurried, slightly expectant English tones...
"But do you sell it here?"
"We sell it in Pago pago."
Uma. The conversation goes rapidly down hill.
A later blip in an otherwise unimpressive downward trend in conversation was this...
"Only 24?"
"How about if we want to buy the big .... ummm... pairs of shoes?"
"Oh. Yeah. We have 12 (pairs) for a dollar less."
We came home with 24 single ehhh.... shoes, single regular - non export - shoes, for what was a far less impressive price.
The shoes came in a nice plastic case.
We got a free ottoman.

- Cale

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jesse elizabeth hunter said...

pictures! sounds like something josh and I would do. at least now, when they wear out, you have quick replacements!