Tuesday, February 5, 2008

E fai Cale mea‘ai tele (Cale makes a lot of food)

You have probably noticed from the pictures on the Flickr that Cale has been cooking up a storm here in Sāmoa.
He has been working pretty diligently on a Tusi Cuka ([too-see coo-kah] cook book) that he wants to be Sāmoa Peace Corps friendly — foods that you can make with locally available foods, preferably with only a two burner gas stove.
Cale has been having an a great time experimenting and creating from scratch things that you would normally run out and buy at the store easily in the states. The big accomplishment has been the tortillas. So easy to make, very inexpensive ingredients and then, like magic, Mexican food.
I have been trying to think about what I would be eating if I had to cook for myself and the prospects seem dim. I am a pretty horrible, unimaginative and impatient cook. Without Cale I would probably live entirely on rice and pasta. Cooking for one in the States can be a challenge. Cooking for one in Sāmoa must be even harder.
See, everyday I think of reasons to be happy I married Cale. He dresses my butt boils and he cooks me food. What more could a girl want?
— Sara

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