Monday, February 11, 2008

Excitement and Heartbreak

At On the Rocks

Cale and I headed into Apia on Friday after our first week of school to celebrate/unwind. We met up with some other PCV at the office and together we headed to The Lighthouse or Hot & Spicy (depending on what sign you are looking at on the building). While we were there the Sāmoan sevens rugby team played Tonga (I think) and won. We could not see the TV from where we sat, but the rest of the bar was quite excited during the match and quite jubilant afterwards.
 We eventually migrated next door to Cocktails on the Rocks, where we ran into a group of JICA volunteers (including the other volunteer teacher at my school, Nao) and more PCVs. The PCVs were celebrating Usi's birthday and we joined in the fun. While we were there Sāmoa played in the finals against New Zealand. Granted, I know absolutely nothing about rugby, but I found it to be quite an exciting game. First of all rugby doesn't lie to you like football. The number on the clock is an honest representation of how much longer the game is. In football 20 minutes can stretch into three hours — or so it seems. Also, the action in rugby is constant. None of this hike, pass, tackle, stop game, wait around, reform, yada, yada, yada that happens in football.
Anyway, it was down to literally the last few seconds and Sāmoa was in the lead, but New Zealand snuck a final touchdown? I just realized I don't know what that is called in rugby and managed to win the game. Devastation I tell you, devastation. Everyone all over Sāmoa and even a government minister quoted in the newspaper were talking the next day about the clear bias of one of the refs in the game.
Anyway, I thought it was fun.
— Sara

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jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Hi from Nashville, Sara & Cale. My husband and I are headed to the Caribbean (not sure where yet) in July and I've been scouring the 'net for good, current info on packing and PC life. Yours is one of THE most helpful and enjoyable journals I've come across. THANKS SO MUCH!

Would you mind if we linked you to our blogs and kept up with you online, until we leave? Samoa is far from the Caribbean, but we will have some things in least both couples are "young marrieds" and living somewhere warm.

Cheers and thanks again!