Friday, February 8, 2008


This year the Methodist schools are creating a combined rugby team that will be competing in a tournament in Australia. Both Cale and my schools are fundraising for the $100,000 tālā it will cost to send all the players, two coaches and team managers there. That is about $40,000 USD. Quite a lot of money.

Each student and teacher was given a fundraising sheet to take around to friends and family. I have been dillegently trying to translate the form so I could retype it here in its entirety, but discovered that to be very difficult. As most Sāmoan words have many meanings and context is everything. Here is what I have come up with so far:

"We (just starting at this very moment OR starting in the past and continuing now [this verb tense means both]) are not healthy (?), we do not refuse, we do not shut a great deal the price of hiding our poverty and that we are not wealthy.

Also flow (or carry) the last receptecal (or ditch) since something (I cannot locate this word) can know and be shown the talent of the children's rugby.

We take advantage of worry and respect and honor......"

That is when I gave up.

Anyway, we are trying to raise some money and I thought I would reach out across the seas. Any dollar you pledge is worth $2.50 tala over here. If you are willing to help, please send me an email letting me know how much you would like to pledge. I will send you an address in the states you can send it to. Please do not send us a check, we cannot cash them here in Sāmoa.

Unfortunately, the deadline for these pledges is fast approaching, Friday, February 15. Sorry for the short notice.

Thank you for any help you are willing to provide. I am sure the kids at our schools will appreciate it as well.

— Sara

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Joe Atkinson said...

Sara ...

Okay, so I don't have your email address, but Erin and I would like to contribute. Shoot me an email at and let me know where to send it.