Thursday, February 7, 2008

An Open Letter To All The Teachers I Have Ever Had

Dear Teachers,
You must either be truly dedicated, amazing people or insane. I think that can be said about all the saints as well.
I am sorry that I was not more appreciative of you and all your work when I was in your class. Teaching is a hard, thankless job filled with long hours and mediocre monetary compensation in the States.
Mr. Birchfield, I am sorry that I slept in your AP U.S. History class whenever you turned out the lights and turned on the overhead projector. Mr. Ewing, I am sorry that I spent my time in your Government class coloring in my Little Mermaid coloring book. I am sure the fact that I already knew all the answers didn't make my complete disregard for your existence anymore acceptable. What's worse, I cannot apologize to many other teachers because I cannot even remember their names.
I don't have the right to be composing this letter now. After only three days of teaching, I am sure I have yet to scratch the surface of the difficulties of the job. Just know that now, many years too late, I appreciate you and your carefully planned lectures, your myriad of researched overheads, your countless worksheets and quizzes, your hours spent creating alternative learning methods, your early mornings, your late afternoons and your long nights — red grading pen in hand.
Thank you. The world needs crazy people like you.
— Sara

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