Monday, February 18, 2008

Thirty-four fifteen-year-olds and ten working computers

I am not even sure if I have to say any more in this blog post. The headline says it all.

Seriously though. Today I took my year 11.3 class into the computer lab. In theory, I had it all planned out. Three teams, 11 students in each team. Team #1 plays a typing game, while Team #2 draws the keyboard in their notebook so we can label the keys, while Team #3 learns about the home row keys. After 15 minutes, they all switch, until each group has done all the things.

In practice was much more hectic and complicated and chaotic. But by the end of the period I managed to have 34 kids that appeared to have had a good time and learned a tiny amount of information. We also escaped without anything horrible happening to the computers and all of my mice still had all the balls inside! So I would call the class a success. I am very happy I only have to do it once a week. At least, it is only on this timetable once a week. New timetables are still to come.

— Sara

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