Saturday, February 23, 2008

Word of the Week: 'Uma

v. Be finished, be done, be over.
adj. 1. All  2. Entire, complete  3. Whole of   4. Each every
adv. All, completely

Can you use it in a sentence?
Sara: "Your 'uma is different than my 'uma"
Cale: "'Uma is in the eye of the beholder."

'Uma is a very useful word to have in your back pocket. When class is over? It's 'uma. When the store is out of falaua maka ([fah-lah-ow-ah mah-kah] flour)? It's 'uma. When the kids sent to help clean the computer lab have swept all the dirt and trash into messy piles under the tables? They are 'uma and so are the piles. In that case, their 'uma and my 'uma were very different.

If I want everybody to be quiet, I want tagata 'uma. If I want something done every day, I want it done aso 'uma. And in the future, if I want all of the trash cleaned out of the computer lab and not just some of it, I want lapisi 'uma. Though, my students and I have different ideas of what is and isn't there could still be some more work done on communicating that.

— Sara

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