Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Burger Wednesdays

Burger Wednesdays

Two Wednesdays ago Cale made burgers and fries and we invited Alo and Nao over for dinner after school. Due to a miscommunication Nao didn't make it. Last Wednesday Cale made burgers and fries and Alo and Nao came over. Two times in row and it is a trend. Alo started calling it Burger Wednesdays, I think mainly to encourage the continued making and eating of burgers. Cale has been calling it our Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting.

Alo claimed that those are the best two meals he has had in country. Unfortunately for Also, it looks like this Wednesday is going to be Curry Wednesday compliments of Nao and Alo. Either way, it is something Wednesday around there.

Back in Evansville we used to do this on Friday nights. It was either at our place or Phil's or Joe and Erin's. All the paper people would get together after work and make food and drink spirits and play some Trivial Pursuit. A good time was always had by all.

To quote Cale:

"Joe usually made something grilled. Phil would make those delicious lettuce chicken wraps and a pork dish of the gods. What did I usually make at our house? I think I usually made stir fry."

I hope that this Wednesday thing can be come a regular occurrence. Both Cale and I missed the Friday nights in Evansville when we moved to Orlando. Maybe we can move it to Wednesdays in Sāmoa.

— Sara


MX said...

Hells to the yeah! Burger Wednesdays! And I don't even like burgers...but I do like Maker's Mark...and I had some of that tonight!

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Josh & I have LOST Thursdays, where we go to a friends house (with a huge projector screen), bringing over whatever food we have on the brain. We will DEFINITELY miss these once we start PC-ing it up this summer.

Nice to see your new-old tradition flourishing!