Sunday, March 23, 2008

In with the new

'Ava ceremony for the new Country Director

Cale and I attended the welcome 'ava ceremony for Peace Corps Sāmoa's new country director on Tuesday. It was held in a large fale at the University of the South Pacific. The site has a wonderful view of the mountain and a valley.

Many of the PC staff were there and several volunteers were able to make it for the event. Most of the volunteers there were ones that live in Apia (or nearby, like us).

After the ceremony there was tea back at the PC office. I made pumpkin bread (I think that is becoming my signature dish) and was complimented quite a bit. However, my bread was no match for Tafu's poke (a Hawaiian raw fish dish) that most of the PC volunteers made a beeline for.

The new director seems to be a good guy. He has a lot of experience working with the Peace Corps and as a country director. I look forward to working with him.

— Sara

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