Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Please, Please, Send Me Your RAM


What is that?

What's what?

That thing, the thing Cale is acting a foo next to.

A computer.

No really, what is it.

A computer.

Listen, I have seen computers before and that sir is no computer. That is some sort of decrepit TV sitting atop a giant metal box.

I know. That is what computers used to be like.

So what do you do with it?

Teach kids how to compete in the modern world.

You said that sarcastically didn't you?

Yes. Yes I did.

So, really, what do you do with it.

Right now? Load Linux on it because we don't have any licenses for a Windows OS and attempt to get OpenOffice running on 48 MB of RAM.

[Chokes] I am sorry did you just say 48 MB of RAM? I think digital watches have more RAM than that.

They probably do.

So what are you going to do?

Make a plea. A plea for people to send me their tired, old, antiquated computer equipment. Like old RAM, old video cards and old hard drives. As long as they are still working, they will be put to good use here. I mean, look at that HP Vectra. We have 10 more just like it and they all could use some more RAM. And as long as I am at it I will make a plea for any installation CDs
and license numbers for old programs that are transferable. Think that MS Office 2000 has seen its last use? Think again. It can find a second life here in Samoa. Do you happen to have the now defunct Adobe PageMaker floating around? Do you have heaps? Send them our way! That is the desktop publishing program of choice around here.

So that is what this was all about?

So what was what this all about?

This entire blog post? Just an excuse to ask people for stuff?

Yeah? You got a problem with that?

No. Just checking.

— Sara

PS. So what was Cale doing anyway?

Oh, he was pretending to be a dinosaur. Like the computer.

PPS. Charlotte, what did one dinosaur say to the other?


Barb Carusillo said...

What? That computer doesn't look that ancient to me! It seems we had one just like it not that long is definitely newer than the Apple II C we had back when we got our first one!
Bad thing about computers is they get antiquated in half an hour.

I Am Infinite said...

Any clue to what kind of RAM you need?
I know there are specific kinds and things of that nature.

Anna said...


my 12" powerbook recently died but i think it can still be used for parts. i have some adobe programs but im not sure if thatd be of much use either. im actually making my way over to samoa in less than two weeks so if there is something small i can bring along for you, i can do that. :)