Saturday, March 15, 2008

So about that RAM (and other things)

Two-slotted RAM for the dinosaur

One-slotted RAM for the IBMs

There has been some question as to what sort of RAM we can use. The older-model computers are using two-slotted RAM that Cale says is PC100 and possibly EDO, but he is not sure about that. We would prefer it over 32 MB, as these computers only have so many RAM slots.

The "newer-model" computers at my school are using one-slotted DDR. We mostly have 256MB, but some of them have 128MB. I would like to get all the computers up to at least 256MB, so even more 128MBs would be used, as I can pair them up with other 128MBs.

Also, any old video cards you might have lying around that I can plug into expansion slots would be welcome. The video cards on the motherboards of these computers seem to be the first things to go.

We also had an offer on a broken PowerBook for parts, which Cale things he can do something with and maybe some Adobe software. I am actually teaching graphics to my students (as a PSSC requirement). Some of the computers have old versions of PhotoShop Elements. If you have old Adobe products with transferable licenses, I will totally take them off your hands.

Ana, if you are reading thing. I am not sure how to contact you. You said you would be in Samoa in two weeks (so that is probably one week now). Let me know an email or something and I will drop you a line.

— Sara

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Anna said...


my email is

im flying out of ny 3/25

drop a line and we can talk more later! :)