Friday, March 21, 2008

Who knew cleanliness was a luxury?

I am sitting in the living room reading a book. I look down at my leg and wonder to myself why it has this unearthly greenish cast about it. If I didn't know better I would say that my skin is dirty. But not in any normal way. Usually when your skin is dirty it is because you got something on it. You were in the mud, it was hot and the dirt in the air is sticking to your skin, you stepped in something, you spilled something. Stuff like that. This was more of a lived in dirty. This was dirty the way soap scum sort of builds up on the bathroom wall. This was horrifying.

I just showered 30 minutes ago. With soap! And a loofah! I shower with soap every day! I am a clean person dammit. So why do my legs have this greenish tint?

I lick my finger and rub vigorously at a spot on my leg actually hoping that it doesn't come up, that I have some sort of horrible disease turning my skin green instead. Oh, no, it's dirt. If I scrub hard enough the greenish tint turns into black dirt that I can brush off. Oh, goodness look, that spot on my ankle that I thought was a sun spot it's dirt too.

I am filthy. How did this happen?

"Cale, some day very soon I need to take a shower. With hot water. And soap. And a wash cloth."

"Baby, we're in the third world. Why do you think I don't shower every day?"

"I just thought it was because you were a dirty person."

"No, it's because it doesn't matter."

— Sara


Barb Carusillo said...

Hate to tell you but that greenish cast is probably just the white wearing off. Have you read the book "Wicked"?

whatever said...

I like Cale's mentality!!!