Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cale's hungry

After searching the internet for BBQ joints in American Samoa and New Zealand because he was honestly thinking about flying for BBQ:

"There is no barbecue."

"These are the sacrifices you have to make when you move to the other side of the world."

"We need to get some barbecue sauce....
I bet you I can get ribs from AQM*...
That sounds reasonable....
Doesn't it?"

*AQM is the incredibly price grocery only frequented by rich, white palagi. They have milk, in a jug. Milk that requires refrigeration. Milk that does not have a shelf life. Real, live milk. I think it costs my entire paycheck. I don't know how much ribs cost.

— Sara

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Marques Stewart said...

Actually there is a BBQ place in Auckland that a friend of mine (who lived in Auckland, now lives in Samoa) took me to. It was the best BBQ I had during my two years in Samoa. Don't know if you would find it on the internet - it was kind of a hole in the wall type place, but the food was good. If you want, I can ask them what the name and location of the place was.

- Marques (