Friday, April 18, 2008

I wonder if my students hate me now

So all this week my students have been practicing and taking an IA (Internal Assessment). Basically it is just a practical test of their word-processing skills. I wanted to get all the students done this week, but with only half as many computers as students, it takes me four  days to do each class. (One day for each groups practice and actual IA). So that means I have to use every class period this week to get them all done.

Yesterday the second group of 13.1 students was scheduled to do their IA during their 4th period class right after interval. At the same time a visiting group of students and teachers from my school's sister school in New Zealand arrived. There was a big 'ava ceremony and other presentations in the hall. The two schools performed songs and whatnot for each other.

And here were my 13.1 students up in the computer lab taking an IA. I was surprised that only one of them skipped it when I figured out what was going on later. I feel pretty terrible that I made them sit an exam while the rest of the school had a convo for these visitors from New Zealand.

On the other hand, NO ONE TOLD ME! They said that people were coming from NZ, but they said that the teachers would want to sit in on our classes and maybe teach some. There was no mention of a special ceremony or convo or songs or anything.

Later I apologized to the pule for keeping the students from the event. He told me that school was more important and that the IA took priority, which was nice. But I am sure that if I told my students that they wouldn't feel any better about missing the fun.

So now I am probably the evil teacher. They hate me. They will draw mean cartoons of me in their notebooks.


— Sara

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