Thursday, April 17, 2008

A little bit of heaven

Hanna's Mountain Top Resort

Take one weekend, move it up a mountain where it is five degrees cooler, throw in a modern palagi house with hot water showers, a big screen TV and high-speed wireless internet. Then throw the whole thing into a pool. Ah heaven!

Hanna is house sitting for some rich palagi for a month and she invited us up the mountain for the weekend. We slept in. We lounged on the deck and read books. We swam in the pool. We gorged on the internets and watched movies on a TV so very much bigger than our laptop. Just two days in a cool place where I was incapable of finding work to do was so very refreshing. I couldn't do the laundry even if I wanted to, the laundry was down the mountain. I couldn't sweep and mop the floors, the floors were somewhere five degrees hotter. I couldn't do any schoolwork, the schoolwork was somewhere without a pool. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

The only concession made to the complete lack of accomplishing anything were the taxes. Cale and TurboTax fought it out for an hour or two on Saturday, but Cale prevailed and the taxes were filed. Now we just wait to see if the federal government is inclined to give us the refund.

Pictures of the weekend on the Flickr. They were taken with Hanna's D80, as I managed to forget to bring the camera with me. You might want to put on some sunglasses before heading to the Flickr. There are pictures of me in a bathing suit and my skin is blindingly white. It is possible that my merely being outside in a bathing suit helped decrease global warming. Just like the glaciers and other ice caps reflect the sunlight, helping to cool the planet, so do I. The most shocking of my white-skin pictures is marked for friends and family only, as I think that it could blind small children.

— Sara

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