Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My job is harder than your job...well, it was

I totally had Cale beat.

He could complain about trouble with his students. Hah! I would laugh at his trouble. He only had six students. If he wanted to see trouble, try having 65. He could complain about his lesson plans. Bleh! Surely he jests. If he wanted to have trouble with lessons plans, try working within the constraints of the PSSC requirements.

At every turn I had more work, tougher conditions and more obstacles. I was the winner of who was having a harder time. I can out complain anyone.

And then his head of department had to go and quit, leaving Cale as the only wood-working and maths teacher for about 15 students. Eh, that still sounds reasonable. Sounds like I can still be the complaining winner. Oh, wait, there's more. At Cale's school there are only five periods a day, but with his new double duties he is actually teaching eight classes a day. He teaches Year 1 and Year 2 simultaneously four of the five periods a day.

Well, crap. I cannot beat that. The most classes I have in one day is four and that is only one day a week. On Fridays I only have one class.

How am I supposed to suffer more if he has a harder job now?

I wonder if I can get the boils to come back.

— Sara

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jesse elizabeth hunter said...

Aren't you a coach as well, though?
Is Cale a coach AND a teacher?