Sunday, April 6, 2008

Not quite back to the village

Cale and I are bad host children. Of the thirteen members of our group, there are only three that have not gone back to our host village for a visit. Cale and I are two of them.

We have an excuse. We have many excuses at this point. At first I was not allowed to go back to the host village. With the whole boil situation, our medical officer said that I shouldn't go back to the village until that was over and done. Then school started and we were just soooo busy all the time. Ok, ok, I was so busy all the time. Cale never seems to be too busy. Just the right amount of busy. We tried to arrange a visit in February, but our host mom was doing all the sewing for a wedding and was very busy. See, it isn't all our fault. Right?

But we are still horrible host children. We discovered that our host sister, who was pregnant during training, had her baby. Last month! We didn't even call to congratulate her, we didn't know.

We talked with our host mom and arranged to visit this weekend. We planned to catch a bus (or a ride from the family) to the village Friday after school and then catch the bus back home sometime on Saturday.

But, as you can tell by the title of this post, things did not work out as planned. Our host mom was in Apia sewing many orders and did not plan on going back to the village. We said that we would just meet up with them in town and see where the family stayed in town.

It was good to see them. There were hugs and food and laughing. It was a good time. Plus now we know where they stay in Apia, so it will be easy for us to stop by when we are in town.

Of course, this little visit doesn't get us off the hook. We still have to make it back to the village sometime soon. If only to let the neighbors know that we love our family and come back to visit them too.

— Sara

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