Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What's He Building in There?

I am in the office, grading my students. From the bedroom comes a loud pounding. It continues for several minutes. Then Cale appears.

"Gonna break out the big guns."

He grabs his Japanese saws and leaves again. My curiosity aroused, I follow. It would appear that he has taken apart the beds in both the bedroom and the extra bedroom. He is now on the floor sawing part of the bed off.

Later, he returns for his chisels.

"It is pretty nice when you can carry all of your sanity in a 35 lb carry-on. There are some people who would say that is pretty heavy for a carry on, but it is pretty light for sanity."

When I question a nuance of what he said, he knows that I am now typing with a blogging purpose.

"I couldn't bear to be anywhere where I couldn't change anything. I figured I would bring all my tools and if there is something there that I didn't like, I would change the F&$KI(%G  B!TC$ ... I thought I would pepper my speech with foul language so it wouldn't end up  on the blog."

He disappears again and it is followed my more pounding. Then he voice comes from a calm in the din.

"Put the foul language in there, what do I care?"

— Sara

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