Thursday, May 1, 2008

Word of the Week: Atua

Beach Road between Apia and the airport

Atua {ah-two-ah}
n. 1. God (as revealed in Christ). 2. God (heathen).
adj. 1. Divine, godlike.

v. 1. Embalm

Can you use it in a sentence?
What in Atua's name is going on in here?

When I picked Atua as my word of the week, I had no idea that verb form of the word means to embalm. This is a very strange development that I am not sure I understand.

I picked Atua as my word of the week because I have started a picture project. There are so many churches in Samoa, you cannot swing a dead cat (not that I am in the habit of swinging dead cats) without hitting one. You also cannot bike along Beach Road with out passing a church ever few feet. My current goal is the shoot all the churches along Beach Road between Apia and the airport. That in itself will be a huge undertaking. However, I also hope to shoot any church I come across in my two-year stay here. I probably won't limit myself to churches either, there were some fabulous dollar store statues of Jesus in Chan Mow that I have to get on film (well, on a digital SD card).

— Sara

1 comment:

annette said...

you are too funny....where did you get that 'swing a dead cat' ? what a hoot!!! and when i read that you were going to shoot churches, my first thought was -what is she doing with a gun! thought you were cracking up and i was going to have to send you some crazy herbs to calm you down!!!
some nice valarian root would work nicely : )
your blog keeps me on the edge of my seat!