Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Word of the Week: Pisi tele

Pisi tele {pee-see tell-ay}
v. 1. Be busy.

v. 1. (Be) large, big great. 2. (Be) much, a great deal of 3. (Be) many, numerous 4. (Be) loud 5. (Be) severe, serious.
gp. 1. Very 2. Too, exceedingly 3. (Far) too much, excessively
n. 1. Quantity, large number 2. Bulk, greater part

Can you use it in a sentence?
Sara has been so pisi tele; she hasn't had time to blog.

It is very convenient that pisi tele sounds a lot like pissy. Because I am frequently a little pissy, when I am pisi tele. Lately, I have been very busy. Very, very busy. School has just been kicking my butt from one side of the room to the other. However, I have caught up...briefly. Now, if I am a smart girl, I will do my best to get ahead. So that I can continue to be pisi, but not pisi tele, or pisi tele lava.

Tele lava could be a construction I just made up, as I have never heard someone use both tele and lava together. Lava can also mean very or actually, really or quite, thoroughly or extremely and a number of other things. I have heard people say pisi tele before (very busy) and I have heard people say faafetai lava (thanks a lot), but I am not 100% clear on when each is appropriate. I just play it by ear. Fono tele is a big meeting. Talofa lava is a response greeting. Vevela tele is very hot. If you are tired you are lē lava (which literally means not enough).

Anywho, enough tele, lava. Pisi tele, that's the word (well, phrase) of the week.

— Sara

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