Friday, May 30, 2008

Cale is a Suisui

New puletasi

Cale made me a new puletasi from the materials sent to us by his mom and grandmother. It is pretty darn sassy. The people at school complimented me on it a lot. However, they don't seem to react to complimentary towards Cale when they hear he sewed it. It seems to be quite hilarious. I hear he is taking a little ribbing over at his school about it as well. Oh well, I think it is super cute and it fits me. I have so few things that fit me these days.



whatever said...

Wow, that is a cute dress, I would say that Cale is pretty talented, he must be related to Calevin Klein? Malo Cale i lou iloa suisui.

Anonymous said...

did cale use a pattern for the puletasi? i am looking at making one for someone and need some help to know exactly waht i am doing!!
email at please