Sunday, May 4, 2008


I ran into a student at the grocery store today. You may remember that I had to teach 11.4 computer classes briefly at the beginning of the school year? But then they took them away from me because they thought the students were acting up (I didn't) and they didn't think they could understand me because the had poor English (that is possible). They gave those classes to the teacher that quit almost three months ago now. So Year 11.4 hasn't had computer classes in almost three months.

The student wanted to know why I didn't teacher her class anymore and when they were going to have computer classes again. She said she missed computer classes and thought that learning computers was really important.

Boy did I feel bad. These poor kids haven't had computer classes in forever and I just recently picked up one 11.1 computer class a week because the teacher who normally teaches them can only teach two of their three classes a week.

If they don't get a new computer teacher by next term, I will try to pick up one 11.4 class a week so these kids can at least have computer class once a week. At least give them some exposure to computers.

Though I also need to understand there are a lot of things that aren't perfect here and aren't fair, but that I cannot fix all of them. Right now my main focus is Year 13. If I can manage to get even half of them to pass the PSSC that will be a major accomplishment. I definitely cannot go righting all the other wrongs with all the other computer classes right now. One step at a time.

— Sara

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