Monday, June 2, 2008


We started out the day by doing absolutely nothing, which is always lovely. Cale gifted me with five new glasses (as I have broken almost all of our old ones) and I gave him five letters. I would call them love letters but that sounds horribly cheesy, so I won't.

Around 5ish we biked to the Peace Corps hostel in the city. We took a quick shower and caught a cab to one of the nicer, but not too pricey restaurants, Giordano's. Cale likes them because they have real pizza ovens (from Italy) and real cheese on the pizza. Apparently one half of the owner couple is Italian. That helps. Cale had the carbanara and I had the lasagna. We had banana bread and ice cream for dessert and by we, I mean me since Cale only got one bite before I devoured the rest. 

Then it was back to the hostel where we attempted to watch a movie on the laptop. Unfortunately, the movie turned out to be stupid (Waking Life? Anyone? It was supposed to be good, but it bored the crap out of me). So instead we ended the evening reading a report on the state of the Peace Corps post in Samoa that was put out in 2005 and based on information from 2004. What's more romantic than reading government reports?

— Sara


Barb Carusillo said...

Uh oh, you can tell you are no longer newlyweds when you consider reading government reports the height of a romantic evening!

Hamo Geek Girl said...

Mmm.. yummy Giordanos. I miss that place! :)