Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Zealand Day Three: Goat Cheese

We slept in and lallygagged and lazed about. Then we showered and headed to the Auckland Fish Market. The internets had promised me a selection of cheeses there and I wanted goat cheese.

We took a round-about walk to Fish Market and even though it was after noon, the streets of Auckland were suspiciously dead. By the time we reached the market, we were worried that it wouldn't even be open, like the rest of Auckland. However, we were happy to find it was indeed open. We loaded up on cheeses, crackers, bread, Italian meats and a bottle wine. Then we headed back to the hostel to eat our pretentious meal in the cafeteria.

Staying at this hostel is exactly like living in a dorm at college. I cannot speak to the singles with multiple people to a large room, but in the private double room the only thing we are missing from a dorm room is posters and desks. Downstairs at reception there is a lounge were people can hang out, a computer lab with wireless internets, two TV rooms to chill in and watch TV and a large cafeteria/kitchen space where people can cook and eat their own food. Most of the guests fit the college age range. I would say 18 to 25 probably covers the majority. But we also see older people and at least two families staying here as well.

We returned to lazing about until dinner time when we headed out for Mexican food and margaritas. While at the Mexican restaurant Cale and I discussed our long-hatched plans to see a rock-and-roll show while in Auckland. One of the things we were determined to do while on this trip was see loud music in a live venue. It would be dirty and smoky and possibly smelling, but it would be wonderful. However, we had yet to successfully accomplish this. Here is was, Saturday night and we had looked up on the internets the possibility of a show this evening, but now we were tired and old.

"We're old, we're very old."
"No, we're not old. We're just not fun."

So, instead of going to a rock-and-roll show, we came back to the hostel and watched bad movies in the movie-watching room. Either we are old or not fun. Or possibly both.

Food Watch: Day Three
Buce de chevre (goat cheese)
Waitaki camebert
Te Mata Mt Erin (goat cheese)
Water Crackers
Copa and Salami
Pide (bread)
La Vieille Femme Wine
Chips and Salsa

— Sara

P.S. I think I mentioned that staying at the hostel is exactly like living in a dorm? Well, it's just before 1 am. I cannot sleep because someone has set off a car alarm outside. Actually, from the sound of it, someone is repeatedly setting off a car alarm outside. It sounds like a perimeter alert, chirping to warn the person away, followed by an alarm. It will finally stop after a while for a varying interval only to have it start all over again. It is possible I could have slept through this alarm if it had started while I was asleep, but I was awake when the alarm began. I was awake because a large, beefy man with an Australian (or Kiwi or British, who can tell the difference?) accent was outside our door. He and a girl with a shrieky voice demanded entry to the room for 10 minutes straight before the man started threatening to break the door down. I knew they had the wrong room as they were demanding that Owen let them in and insisting that they could hear Owen inside. That was when I got dressed and opened the door. I discovered they were actually trying to break into the room next door, but thanks to paper thin walls, it sounded like they were at our door. The disappeared for a brief time, I can only assume to find some one with a key because they returned and gained entry to the room. For a while there was yelling of the name Owen, but that ended quickly and the number of voices grew and a party has appeared to have started next door. Personally, I am still worried about Owen. He name is still occasionally yelled out questioningly, as if he is passed out in a drunken stupor and the party people occasionally would like to rouse him.

I just looked out the window and it appears that Auckland is a rocking place on a Saturday night. The streets outside are packed with cars and there is a rather large group of kids (I am calling people probably in their early 20s kids now, I am old) dancing like crazy in front of the Burger King. Cale is asleep in the bed and I am typing cranky blog entries. The only thing that could make this worse is if Cale and I had actually asked the front desk for a board game earlier this evening as we had discussed. Board games and then to bed before midnight. We are indeed happening cats.

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Barb Carusillo said...

You are definitely sounding like a person who likes to get their full quota of sleep now....not liking staying up all night anymore, especially due to someone else making a lot of noise. Is that old, or just more mature? Of course, I will say it means more mature!