Friday, September 5, 2008

New Zealand Day Nine: Eating Our Way Through Vacation

When we arrived in New Zealand someone at customs asked us what we intended to do in Auckland. "Eat, mostly" was my reply.

And I was not kidding. The main focus of this vacation has been eating food. Unfortunately, this can lead to a small problem. The problem being becoming less small. I won't know for sure until I can weigh myself in the Peace Corps office, but I won't be surprised to learn that I gained ten pounds in New Zealand. The best I have right now is the mirror and the mirror isn't being too kind.

It doesn't help to be coming from Samoa, where I felt incredibly tiny and cute compared to most other people, to Auckland, where the streets are full of incredibly tiny and cute Asian girls in incredibly fashionable clothes. I had almost forgotten it was possible for there to be people who where shorter than me, but all of these girls are pocket-sized and they are making me fee like an ogre.

Today we went to a grocery store where we ogled all the produce and the variety of breads. We bought more cheeses and salamis and water crackers to eat for dinner. We also got hummus and pita bread for the next day. However, my main reason for going to the grocery store was corn meal. I have had a hankering for cornbread for months now. Corn meal can not be found in Samoa. There is corn flour, but do not be fooled my this suspiciously similar-named item. It is not corn meal, it is not even remotely like corn meal. It cannot be used to make cornbread.

After we dropped off the food, we went back to Galbraith's (home of the banana beer) for lunch. I had the spinach and bacon linguine in a cream sauce. Cale had the Scottish steak and fries with salad. That night we did the laundry (In a washer AND a dryer!) and watched I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry in the TV room. It was a terrible movie. It was still nice to sit on a coach and watch a movie.

Food Watch: Day Nine
Chai latte and vanilla latte
Spinach, bacon linguine
Scottish steak and fries
Goat cheese, double glouster chedder, salami and water crackers

— Sara

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