Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The New Kids Are Here

Group 81 Welcome Ava Ceremony

Welcome to Peace Corps Samoa Group 81.

This is the first ICT group since we arrived a year ago. Finally, we are the old, wise group with new fresh-faced, doe-eyed kids to look up to us and marvel at our skills. Well, I don't actually know about any of that. One, we are not so old (though we do tend older than the new group which are all under 27 apparently). Two, I would not go so far as to call any of us wise, we might take offense. Three, have you seen these new kids? Fresh-faced and doe-eyed my ass. These new IT boys have not spent their formative years in a basement rebuilding an Atari. They were outside, getting fresh air, playing brutal contact sports and wrestling cattle by the looks of them (granted, one of them is a physical education teacher and some of them must be vocational instructors...they are not all computer nerds). These are big, burly men. They tower over your average IT nerd and threaten to steal is pocket protector.

Anyway. The new kids are here. They flew in on the red-eye and then were dragged up to USP (University of the South Pacific) for their welcoming ava ceremony. They stayed awake through the entire thing like pros.

I ran around like a crazy person the entire time taking more pictures than is really humanly possible. Apparently, I also had some of the new girls questioning the rules they had heard about what is proper Samoan lady dress. I was wearing that sassy puletasi Cale made for me. They were asking Laura about my practically exposed knees and definitely exposed shoulders.

In addition to the new group we also welcomed a new APCD (Assistant Peace Corps Director), Kellye McKenzie (whose name I have been spelling wrong in all my picture captions). I will write more about her later. Shelley (whose last name I do not know and whose first name I may also be spelling wrong) from our Country Desk in Washington DC also joined us in Samoa for a short trip. This is her first time in the area, as she served in the Ukraine.

Anywho, new kids, new APCD, country desk representative, ava, speeches, etc. You know, the usual.

— Sara


Barb Carusillo said...

So, I guess if they are under 27, that makes them a kid, huh Sara? Since you are such an old seasoned relic yourself.
Wrestling cattle???!

Jane said...

I am Paulo's mom (group 81). I have been reading your blog even before he left for Samoa. It has been so fun to get a glimpse of what life of a PCV is there. Thanks for that and for taking your time to give him all the tips on what to bring before he left. Wow, is there anything Cale can't do? If you get a chance, say Hi to my Paulo. We miss him but all the blogs really help to bridge the gap of distance.