Wednesday, November 5, 2008



I am on the International Volunteer Day Committee. It is a day recognized by the UN, so the UN in Samoa is sort of hosting the organization of it. As part of putting together the events for actual IVD in December, we also organized an All Volunteers in Samoa get together. I was the one who suggested a Halloween party after the end of October was recommended as a good time to have it.

All volunteers in Samoa were invited, so not just Peace Corps, but Australian volunteers (there are several different kinds in country including the Youth Ambassadors and the VIDA), the Japanese volunteers (there are also at least two groups of them, the JICA and the JOVC), the UN volunteers and Samoan volunteers through an organization called SUNGO.

Of course, being the party animals that we are and being one of the largest volunteer groups in country, the Peace Corps totally out numbered everyone else.

The event was held at the Zodiac, a club up the hill on the cross island road. It is owned by the leader of the Australian volunteers. It was wonderful of Karin to volunteer her establishment for the event. And she had specials on drink prices.

Cale, Casey, Spencer and I showed up early (but still late) to help decorate. Jamie, an Australian volunteer, and Henrik, a UN volunteer, were already there. We carved pumpkins, hung crepe paper and Cale cut some bats and cats and whatnot out of cardboard that we painted black.

The party itself started around 6 pm and was a huge success.

As you can see from the pictures, Cale went as a zombie robot (he had an old Pentium chip he would stick in his mouth and say "UUUUHHHHH, processors"). I was pregnant Angelina Jolie. We walked all over Apia earlier in the day trying to find a wig. There are several stores with mannequins in the windows that are wearing wigs. We asked all the stores if I could hire one for the night or buy one. Only one store was willing to sell and they wanted $80, so that was a no go.

It was something around this point that Cale realized he had left his costume at home. So he caught a cab back to the village to pick up his costume. On the way there, he happened upon a short dark wig at a store in the NIa Mall and they lent it to him for $20. I wanted a long wig, but you cannot be picky in Samoa.

Cale and Shane had also put themselves in charge of the games for the night. Cale had made a paper mache pinata of Slimer from Ghostbusters that totally rocked and was totally indistructible. The attention to detail was awesome, even the eyes were attached with red strings so they would pop out and flop around. There was also apple bobbing and something that involved a rubber centipede. Good times were had by all.

Typically Sara can drink two beers and then she gets tired and goes to sleep. However, I somehow managed to drink like four or five that night. At some point the party was too loud and I felt too gross, so I went out and sat in the parking lot. After drinking a mess of water, we got in to a taxi to go home. I have never hated a taxi ride more in my life. But by 11:30 or so, I was safely in bed.

When I woke up the next morning I realized that I had left my glasses in my backpack in the Peace Corps office and I had thrown my contacts away when I got home from the party. Cale and I took the bus into the office for the VAC (Volunteer Action Committee) meeting. The entire bus ride and walk to the office, I felt totally fine. However, when I got to the office and put on my glasses, I discovered that I might feel a little gross. I fixed it with water and Cheese Mania cheese balls from the shop next door.

And that was my Halloween.


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Barb Carusillo said...

Uh huh, now I find out this party was your brain child. Looks like a really good idea too. I wondered where in the world you got that dark wig. I now understand the blog entry about zombies from Cale a few days earlier, he was getting into character!