Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I didn't get to vote, but I got to watch the results

The US Embassy in Samoa hosted US citizens this afternoon to watch the election returns. In case you were curious, if you get a roomful of Peace Corps volunteers together, you also get a roomful of Democrats together.

I was honestly surprised at the speed with which the results came back. I was not anticipating a result until late into our night if at all today. I anticipated a much closer race. Apparently the popular vote was closer, but Obama wiped the floor in the electoral college.

I would posted pictures, but we were not allowed any electronic equipment in the Embassy. Apparently, I could have used my camera, but only under supervision and that seemed like too much hassle.

I was moved by the historic moment, but not nearly as moved as many of my fellow Americans in the room who were in tears when the results were announced. I guess this isn't the sort of thing that I get emotional about.

Congratulations America on your election and congratulations to our new President-Elect Barack Obama.

— Sara

PS. So the reason why I didn't get to vote, was I was unable to convince Florida to give me an absentee ballot

P.P.S. Obama took Indiana. I was claiming we hadn't voted for a Democrat since Kennedy, but apparently we voted for LBJ too.

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Hannah! said...

I was so proud of Indiana! And I'm sorry you were wronged by Florida, hopefully you can vote for him in 2012!