Saturday, November 1, 2008


Group 81 Welcome Ava Ceremony

I promised some time ago to write about our new APCD, Kellye.

Kelley is the new Associate Peace Corps Director for the Village Based Development program. So she is not my APCD. I am in the Capacity Building project.

Kelley comes to us most recently from the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors in Washington DC. She was a Peace
Corps Volunteer herself in 1999-2001 in Jamaica as an HIV/AIDS Health Educator. She went to university in New York, Georgia and South Africa. She is also fluent in German.

Doesn't she sound all awesome and worldly?

Cale and I got the opportunity to talk with her quite a bit when we caught a ride with her, Shelley and Mark from Max's place in Savaii to the wharf. She has a lot of excellent ideas and I think that she can do a lot to improve the VBD program. Also, with the proposed changes to our post (more on that later), including a new focus on health issues, she is sure to have a lot of experience to share.

So, welcome to Kellye.

— Sara

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