Monday, November 3, 2008

Rolling Blackouts

I mentioned the water problems we have been experiencing due to the drought. A new development is the rolling blackouts. Approximately 40 percent of Upolu's power comes from hydroelectric sources. With most of the rivers we pass on a trip into Apia still bone dry, I don't think we can anticipate an end to these blackouts until we see some significant rainfall.

I would provide you with more details on the situation, but I cannot locate any news coverage of the blackouts on the Samoa Observer's web site. What I do know is that the power goes out just about everyday for about four hours. There is no guarantee when the power is going to go out or when it is going to come back on. It seems to be sometime around 10 am or noon-ish when it goes out and some time around 4 pm when it comes back on. Though we have also experienced it going out in the middle of the night. I only notice because the fan in the bedroom turns off and with this being the hot season, I start to sweat.

Since the power has been going out, the water has not been out as much. I guess it is a trade off, power or water. You choose.

Things were even more dire at the office this weekend, where there was no water all weekend and the power was off on Sunday.

— Sara

P.S. A post on Halloween is forth coming, I promise.

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momofthebarn said...

how does your refrigerator handle the blackouts? do you have a generator?
i just read that a refrigerator can generally handle 4 hours if not opened and the electricity off.

freezer full will last a couple of days, half full shorter time.