Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cale's Mom is Here: Week One

In Apia with Annette

Cale's mom has been here for a week now and we have managed to drag her around aimlessly without having too much fun. Ah, the true Peace Corps experience.

Annette arrived at 5:30 am on Wednesday. Cale and I spent the night with another volunteer that lives closer to the airport. We figured if it came down to it and we couldn't catch a bus or taxi that early, we could always walk. I was happy when we finally caught the cab at 5:20, because we were way more than a 10 minute walk away from the airport.

We waited in the terminal for Annette for a long time. The flow of passengers, though never very heavy, had slowed to a non-existent trickle and Cale started to worry that his mom had in fact managed to miss the flight when she appeared. As it turned out, she had been in baggage dealing with her missing luggage. We all went back behind security (cause that is something that is easy to do here) and filled out the paper work. Then we caught a cab home.

We tried to give Annette a mini-Peace Corps experience by welcoming her with a little 'ava and exchanging gifts. We all stayed up for a while talking, but it wasn't long before we crashed and took a nap. Later that evening Aaron came over for burrito night before he caught a flight to Auckland to see his family and girlfriend.

Thursday was walk-around-Apia-in-the-blazing-sun-and-get-a-sunburn day (though only sunburns for Cale and Annette, strangely nothing for Sara). Annette got to see the Peace Corps office and eat on the $1 Floating Restaurant. We hit up the flea market so she could organize her plan of attack for gifts to bring home with her. Later we took a cab up the hill to the Zodiac. We planned on eating at the Curry House next door. However, when we went over we were told they could not serve any food until the boss arrived in maybe one or two hours. Granted their sign says they were open and there were plenty of employees, but apparently they couldn't do any work unless the boss was there. At this point I had become a whiny, tired monkey so we caught a cab home where Cale made nachos with the left over burrito fixins.

At Lalotalie with Cale's Mom

Friday we caught a cab out to Faleaseela to stay at the Lalotalie River Fales. Which you may remember from this blog post. We spent two days of complete relaxation in Faleaseela, reading books, taking naps, laying around. It was wonderful. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for the drought conditions, it rained the entire time we were there. We didn't see any waterfalls, but we did hang out with Jane and Olsen and the newest addition to their family, baby Koko. She is just adorable as can be.

Sunday it was back into town. We met up with a British couple who are were going away for a long holiday and enlisted us to house sit and feed/play with their cat. They took us out to lunch at Sydney Side Cafe, which was delicious and then dropped us off at home. 

Of course, it was still raining, which meant we couldn't do the laundry, as none of the clothes would dry on the line. We left the wet towels and stuff from Lalotalie to fester in a plastic bag.

Monday was another day of running around Apia, we went to the Peace Corps office, we bought Annette some lavalava, we managed to spend all day doing something, something that none of us can remember.

Laumei Faiaga

Tuesday we moved out to the house with the cat we will be house sitting. Then we went to visit our host mother in her Apia house. While we were there, we made plans to see them in the training village next week. That night we went to the dinner and show at Laumei Faiaga (Turtle Take it Easy), which you may remember is where we saw the International Siva Afi Finals. The intermission show I talk about in that blog post, is the show we saw Tuesday night.

So, there you have it. Our first week with Annette. We promise to have more fun in the coming days.

— Sara

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