Monday, December 15, 2008

Cale's Mom is Here: Week Two


Cale' mom makes goat-milk soap. There is a local couple with a small business making coconut-milk soap in Samoa. On Wednesday we went to see their operations. The soap is named Mailelani, which means from heaven. That was news to me. I thought that heaven was lagi, so I thought it would be mailagi to say from heaven. But that shows how poor my language skills have become. Seeing the soap place wasn't too exciting, as no one was actually making any soap at the time. But Annette talked with the owner for a bit about his soaps and she bought a selection.

In Switzerland

Thursday was a completely surreal day that included visiting the home of the Magic Circus of Samoa and Switzerland. I have every intention of writing about this in greater detail, but I want to leave you in suspense for now.

Friday I got my tattoo and I am going to leave you in suspense here as well, as I intend to write an entire blog entry on that as well. I will say that it was a long day. We arrived to wait for our 8:30 am appointment at 8 am and didn't leave the village where the tattooing was done until 4:45 pm.

Saturday Cale's mom went to the market by herself again and did a great deal of souvenir shopping. She and Cale also went to lunch together. I lounged around the house all day. My arm didn't feel too bad after the tattoo, I figured it would be good to rest. That night we went out to dinner with a group of Peace Corps (Shane, Casey, Dylan, Rosie and Erik).

Sunday was the day of nothing and Monday we leave for Savai'i, so you won't hear from me for a while.

— Sara


Teresa said...

you didn't tell me you were getting tatted up!

Laura said...

I would think that Mailelani would mean "Dog heaven" and Palagi is "burst from heaven"....but who knows...

whatever said...

Depends how you write that in Samoan(Mailelani) Mai le(from) lagi(heaven) so you're right, from heaven, but you could also write it in Malie(dog) lagi(heaven), so Laura is write Dog Heaven. Can you imagine scrubbing yourself in the shower with dog from heaven soap?:)