Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Language Lessons

My language skills are abysmal. When I came out of training a year ago, I had a decent foundation to achieve conversational skills in Samoan. Granted, I failed my first LPI (Language Proficiency Interview), but everyone agreed that was because I was sick. When I retook it I achieved an Intermediate and we only needed an Intermediate Low to pass. Since then, my ability to speak and understand Samoan has all but disappeared.

I really want to work to improve my language, but I just couldn't willingly add another layer of stress to my daily life while school was on. However, now that it is school break I am determined to focus on it.

They say that the best way to learn something it to teach it, so I am teaching Annette Samoan while she is here visiting. I am using the book we used in training and I am slowly regaining simple skills. "How are you?" "Where are you going?" "I am from America" These area all phrases I have in my vocabulary again. Plus I think that it is fun for Annette as well.

Cale keeps threatening to switch to speaking Samoan around the house to help improve my skills and I know it is a good idea. However, I also know that then my conversations with my husband would be limited to talking about the weather and what foods I do or do not like. I think he already know all the answers to the other questions I can answer (How old are you? Are you married? Where do you work?). I guess if I can only communicate with Cale in Samoan I will have to figure out how to get across more complex ideas than I do not like tinned corned beef, it is too salty. With the new tattoo (post on that is forthcoming) the most important thing I need to know in Samoan right now is "Cale, can you help me wrap myself in Saran Wrap?"

— Sara

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Anonymous said...

Hello, another way to speed up your Samoan language is to mix it with english.

i.e. Cale, fa'amolemole help me.

Cale: Help you with what.

You: Se, the Saran wrap

Cale: What do you want to do with the Saran wrap

you: e wrap ai a'u .