Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SOS Children's Wikipedia

Have I mentioned how awesome this is? Well, it is. This organization in England has gone to the trouble of gathering all the articles in the Wikipedia that are topics in the British school system's prescriptions, editing the for appropriateness and putting them together on a DVD.

It is too big for Cale to put it on his computer and too big for all my ancient monster computers, but I do have it on all the newer ones and the kids can look all sorts of stuff up.

And it is all absolutely free and open.

There is a new one out. Anyone who wanted to be awesome could download it, burn it to DVD and send it this way.

— Sara

PS As long as you are burning things and sending them, don't forget some new comedians or funny You Tube videos or podcasts (cale loves car talk, i love wait,wait don't tell me) and other awesome media.

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Barb Carusillo said...

You know that your dear mother is not going to be the one to do this burning of podcasts, or downloading of such things, since I have not a clue on how to do these machinations. I am hoping you have more up to date, savvy people in mind for this. I will appeal to your father, and likely he will know precisely how to do it, and maybe we can bring them with us. Of if anyone else does, they can give them to us to take with us.