Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Straws that Broke Several Camels' Backs

Today was the day Sara overreacted to everything.

Student comes 20 minute late to class because she is in the upstairs computer lab typing something for another teacher: Sara flips out. Gives student angry talking to.

Teacher interrupts class to ask to print something: Sara flips out. Gives teacher dressing down for interrupting her class.

Sara discovers teachers used printer to print resume cover letter for some person who doesn't go to the school or work at the school: Sara flips out. Speaks angrily to other computer teachers for using school equipment inappropriately.

Sara sees teacher hitting students with a fan in her classroom: Sara flips out. Screams at teacher that there is no hitting in her classroom.

Teacher apologizes for hitting and then proceeds to hit another student: Sara flips out. Screams at teacher again and tells him to get out of her room.

Tune in tomorrow for Sara's string of apologies.

I should probably explain. We got a new laser printer this year. It came with a toner cartridge that can print 700 pages. It has been out for weeks now. For the past two weeks I have been able to get it to print one not-streaky page every couple of hours if I shake the cartridge and let it rest in between. But now it won't print without leaving inkless streaks down the sides. There is no reason we should have gone through 700 pages in one and a half months. The problem is some people have been using it as a copy machine, printing multiple copies of multiple page documents and teachers keep printing from the computer lab instead of using the school secretary's computer and heavy-duty Shark printer/copier.

The other problem is that some teachers have declared that senior students can no longer turn in handwritten IA. Which is cool and if students want to type and print IAs, that is also cool. However, the students want to type and print their IAs at inappropriate times and at the last minute. Monday all the Year 13 students had an IA due. I had one student who brought me the handwritten version of this assignment on Thursday and asked me to read it for her. Then she started to type it. She wasn't finished on Friday, so she asked permission to use the lab on Saturday and I came in for about two hours. She finished and we printed at Cale's school. Since I am out of ink. 

One student.

The rest of the Year 13s came to me on Monday (when the assignment was due), asking every period if they could type their IAs. I had to keep explaining to them that there were other classes using the lab and they could only use the lab during free periods or after school. They also came to be all day asking to print and I had to say we were out of ink. So I was constantly saving files to my flash and bugging the school secretary to print them for the students.

We have an inkjet printer that is almost out of ink as well. I set it up so that my Year 12 students could print their posters for word-processing. Since printing is a required skill. Now that it is set up, teachers are using it to print other things. That was what happened with that resume cover letter today and the NUS student's report. 

So I have one printer that is out of ink due to inappropriate use and another that is almost out of ink and people keep coming and using the printer for non-school things.

For reasons I cannot comprehend, this printing thing has set me over the edge. When people ask me to print now, I turn into a raving lunatic.

Cale has recommended that I gift all the people I yelled at today with pisupo (tinned corned beef) tomorrow. I probably will. Thankfully, in Samoa, grudges are not culturally acceptable. So if I apologize (and it is accepted) it will be like nothing every happened.

— Sara


annette said...

wow .....tense day

Barb Carusillo said...

Doesn't sound like thinking ahead is the Samoan teenager's forte'. Come to think of it, it is a learned skill that a lot of American kids don't get for quite awhile either, if ever for some of them. That by itself can make you a bit crazy, but the fact that everyone is oblivious to the need to conserve. Sounds like you need some kind of secret code on the printer that only a few designated people have, and folks must go through!