Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yes, That is a Banjo

The Student Loan

I almost cried it was so wonderful. Thanks to the Embassy in Wellington, the Charge d'Affairs of our Embassy in Samoa, a State Department program called Rhythm Road and a band called The Student Loan, I saw real live musicians play real live music last night! Not even that, but the first song they played was the Old Crow Medicine Show's "Wagon Wheel," which I love when the the Old Crow Medicine Show plays it, I love when the Woodshed Collective played it and now I love when The Student Loan plays it.

We were invited to the Charge's home, which is wonderful. It is just like a real house, with walls that go all the way to the ceiling and the floor. There was delicious food and free beverages and new people. In addition to some Peace Corps and the members of the band, a group of Navy doctors were also in country to scout ahead for a development project they will be doing in Samoa in September. We also met Kelly, our Acting Peace Corps Country Director while Dale is in America having a baby, and a representative from the Embassy in Wellington. Craig and Allison were there, as well as Kevin (former Peace Corps volunteer and trainer) and his wife Tailofa. They are having twins!

In typical poor Peace Corps fashion, we ate all the food, drank all the wine and generally had a good time. Cale, Matt and I scared a navy doctor with our ideas for new reality television programming. One show is called Ectomy. Doctors remove an organ from a patient and the patient has a limited time frame to figure out what organ they are missing. The other one doesn't have a name, but someone with a rare disease presents their illness to a panel of celebrity doctors who have to guess just what this person has. Very exciting.

Matt and Cale also spent the night referring to each other as enablers as they proceeded to drink boxed wine out of large cups.

Tonight The Student Loan is performing at a hall in town, so I will see a real live concert! Hold on to your hats cats and kittens, this is going to be awesome.

— Sara


Barb Carusillo said...

This is the most pumped I have percieved you have been in a long time. Thanks goodness for the life affirming benefits of good music! The charge d'Affairs must be awesome...inviting folks in to watch the inauguration, now live music. Very nice.

annette said...

wow, what a treat,hope it is enough to get you through till the finish line! sounds like you all had alot of fun. after all of your hard work and stress, it is nice to have such a grand time..

Bradford said...

Just catching up on your blog this morning...glad the banjo is making its sweet sound Samoa!