Saturday, June 6, 2009

Barb & Tom Were Here: Day Six

Janes at Manase

Monday morning we got up and headed to Savai'i. I would like to start this post by pointing out that Cale and I have never successfully caught the boat we intended to catch when going to Savaii.

So, we are out by the side of the road around 7:30 thinking we would wait a while to catch a bus that can take us to the 10 am boat. When lo and behold a Manono bus comes right by after we have waited for like five minutes. Cale and I have always waited forever to catch a bus the wharf.

We arrive at the wharf ridiculously quickly as well. It is like a quarter past eight when we arrive. So now we have almost two hours to kill until the boat....or do we.

Near 10 am, a small boat arrive from Savaii and some people get off. However, there are few to no buses arriving at the wharf. This does not seem like a good sign to me. There are very few people in the waiting room and there are no buses. The rest of Samoa seems to know something we do not know about the boat. I wander up to the signs posted on the ticket window. Oh...look....there is no 10 am boat on Mondays. There is on Fridays, the day Cale and I usually catch a boat to Savaii. I bet those darn Savaii kids knew that. They all know all the boat details. They have a boat sixth sense.

Well, it looks like we will just spend another two hours in the waiting room. I should mention we haven't eaten yet today and the boat takes almost two hours, so we won't arrive in Saleologa to eat until around 2 pm. This is nothing new to me, I am used to not eating until 2 or 3 pm most school days, but I worry about starving my parents. They seem to be ok. We share a can of Pringles.

So...four hours in the boat waiting room. Mom and Dad went for a walk. Cale and I laid down on the benches listening to iPods. Small children surrounded us. They poked me. After I had auaed them and alu esed them repeatedly, the switched to just waving their hands in front of my face with out touching me. Eventually, we got up and moved to the other waiting room. I mentioned to Cale if I was a nicer, more child friendly-volunteer, I would have gathered those runny-nosed children together and we would have played some quaint, charming game from my childhood and it would have been filled with warm, fuzzy moments of laughter and joy. I just wanted them to stop touching me...or looking at me.

Finally, the boat. Thankfully, the weather was wonderful and the trip over was relatively nausea-free.

We arrived at in Saleologa and decided to make the five, maybe 10, minute walk to Lucia's where we had lunch.

At this point we had missed the buses waiting for the boat we arrived on and wanting to make it to Manase before dark, we hired a taxi to take us to Jane's.

We were at Jane's around 4:30 and were very quickly in the ocean. After dinner, we hung out at the Beach Bar teaching Mom and Dad to play suipi.

— Sara

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Barb Carusillo said...

That is such a wonderfully representative shot of our time at Jane's....the picture shows the perfect weather, sky, beach....I can close my eyes and see it all again. I hope I can even when I am old and senile.