Friday, June 19, 2009

Cale is Doing Something Cool.

This post started because Cale was talking about his day. This is what he was saying:

"I had such a good day today. I am so impressed with how professionally my kids handled themselves. So, even when some kids came over to be interviewed that weren't taking it quite as seriously; they all had a good laugh. But here's the thing, they marked the kid down for laughing. Some of the kids were looking to see how respectful a candidate was and they marked the kid down for making a joke of it.

I really think these kids are kind of cool.

They really impressed me."

So... what is he talking about?

Well, Cale has turned his class into the Real World ... except like the real world and not like some stupid, silly, posh house full of horny 20-somethings.

He has hired three managers from the class. These managers will be paid in points which accumulate and effect a person's grade for the class. Today, these managers had to interview others students to hire an assistant manager. All the students in the class had already turned in cover letters and CVs and references (that was partially how Cale picked his three managers). Cale spent the past couple of days working with the manager students to help them determine what it is they were looking for in an employee and how they would determine if a candidate has those traits (from the CV, from the references, from the interview).  The managers created rubrics of the qualities they wanted in an assistant and then assigned points for each quality based on the CV, references and the interview.

Next the managers will be making offers to the candidate they want as their assistant. The managers have the points at their disposal and will tell the candidate how many points they are willing to pay them a week and so forth.

Next the managers and their assistants will be interviewing the other kids in the class in order to hire their team of students. From then on the managers will be give projects (assignments) from Cale that they will have to farm out to their team to complete. Cale will pay the manager in points based on the quality, quantity and timeliness of the team's work. The manager will then distribute the points to the team.

Maybe, if you are lucky, I can get Cale to write about this some day.

— Sara

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annette said...

that sounds like a good possibility of some real life learning going on there - good job

so , what are you teaching now, this does not sound like computer class..sounds much more fun!