Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy 47 and 1/2 Birthday Samoa!

Samoan Independence Day

Why and 1/2 do you ask? Well, Samoa gained independence on January 1, 1962. Not wanting to waste a perfectly good excuse for a national holiday on a day that was already a holiday, they moved Independence Day celebrations to June 1.

Apparently, my school was supposed to meet in Mulinuu at 5 am to wait in line for the marching that was to start at 7 am. I learned that the reason for this early start was so we could get a good place in the line. It must have worked, Wesley College was second in line. Unfortunately, I was not there with them.

I had no way to get to Mulinuu at 5 am, but Cale's school had offered me a ride with them at 8 am. His school was not participating in the march because they were performing immediately after the marching.

Samoan Independence Day

When we arrived at the Parliament fale around 9 am, there was still plenty of marching going on. All the schools, government ministries and many organizations in Samoa had all lined up in groups in matching uniforms and then marched on the parade grounds in front of the Head of State and Prime Minister and other dignitaries.

After the marching, Cale's school was the first to perform. They had been practising for two months and did an excellent job. Cale was able to get video with the new camera Mom and Dad brought for my school (which I traded with the one Annette brought for Cale's school, so we could get the video).

Samoan Independence Day

After the performance, Cale and I walked back to the Peace Corps office to see if we could find anything in the free box to change into because we forgot to bring a change of clothes.

Samoan Independence Day

Next we were off to find food and then to watch the fautasi (long boat) races. Unfortunately, the spot we picked to watch from near the finish line was actually a poor location. We now know for the Teuila Festival in September we should go out to the Yacht Club or Sails to watch the race.

At this point I was feeling pretty tired and we came home, had a nap and watched the West Wing for the rest of the day.

— Sara

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